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Ethics + Policies

Code of Ethics

  1. To provide conscientious care for the animals entrusted to me, being constantly attentive to their security, safety, and well-being, and placing their welfare above all other business considerations.

  2. To encourage responsible pet ownership by encouraging pet training, health, and other advocacy programs. I recognize that the pet’s owner is responsible for their pet, and the owner has the right to make decisions about the professional treatment of their pet.

  3. To only work with clients and their pets that I have the professional competency for. 

  4. To only use procedures, protocols, and empirically-based tools that have a proven track record. 

  5. To always consider communications with my clients as privileged and will only break that confidentiality if a pet is being abused and the client cannot be dissuaded from using their current approach. I will always act according to local and state laws in terms of reporting animal cruelty. 

  6. To ensure that all communications are professional and based on fact. When discussing industry practices, trends or issues, I will limit discussion to practices and consequences rather than the individuals using them, thereby ensuring informed, professional and civil exchanges that enrich clients and the industry of force-free pet professionals.

  7. To deal honestly and fairly with the public and to avoid misrepresentation of my services. 

  8. To place service to my clients and the pet care service industry above personal gain. 

  9. To avoid unfair competitive practices, slander or defamation of my competitors, and actions of business practices that would result in dishonor upon or distrust of my competitors or the pet care service industry in general. 

  10. To support my association, its policies, and programs and participate as fully as possible in its activities. 

  11. To be respectful of, and to cooperate with, the other professions and trades which operate within the pet industry, in every way consistent with my other responsibilities. 

  12. To operate my business in such a manner as to reflect honor upon the pet care services industry within my local community. 

  13. To take every opportunity to learn more about my profession and to improve my services. 

  14. To apply the following ethical principles to each situation I encounter:  

    1. Respect for the freedom and dignity of others. 

    2. Do no harm. 

    3. Do good. 

    4. Act fairly. 

    5. Be faithful to promises made.

Code of Ethics

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